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Welcome to the Mesa Village Planning Website,

created by the Mesa Architects, a neighborhood volunteer group.

The Mesa is part of the City of Santa Barbara in California, USA.

We believe the Mesa is a prototypical “village” within our coastal city, one that can offer its inhabitants an ideal semi-urban living environment.  Our goal is to help strengthen the community, self-sufficiency and sustainability of this village.

This website is intended to support a Mesa Village planning process by providing information about existing conditions on the Mesa, offering ideas for improvement, and providing a forum for comment on these ideas.  It offers our vision for the future of the Mesa, but is a work in progress.  We would like it to evolve with input from the community so that we can reach a common vision of what our village can become.  This site can be a tool the community can use to help create change now, and influence our future.

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The major sections of the website:

Mesa Village

what we’ve got and where we can go with it

Cliff Drive

what it is and ways to make it more user friendly

Details: Loop Trail, Plaza, etc.

a variety of ideas and proposals

Informational Columns

Our monthly columns from the Mesa Paper


the results of village opinion surveys

About Us

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IN THE INTEREST OF Community, self-sufficiency AND sustainability



Please review the information and ideas presented on these pages, then feel free to respond to the email addresses on our About Us page with questions or comments, suggestions or criticisms.  We welcome your input, and encourage you to take this opportunity to help shape your neighborhood by participating.

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Western Cliff Drive Safety Changes in Planning Review!

City Transportation Planners and Engineers are studying ways to make Cliff Drive from Meigs Road to Las Positas safer.  Lane changes, bike lanes, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings are all in the mix.  While funding for these kinds of improvements has not yet been identified, the City wants to be ready to move forward when the money becomes available.

Las Positas Valley Bikeway News

Design is in process for a new separated bike and pedestrian way for the corridor from Cliff Drive to Modoc Road.

Cliff Drive, Loma Alta and SBCC Entrances

These three locations all need safety changes and redesign for better vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian access.  SBCC, the City and major property owners are all working together to find solutions and funds to make changes.  Stay tuned!

Las Positas and Cliff Roundabout

Design work is proceeding on the approved roundabout for this intersection.  Construction expected to start next year.

Interested in the geology of Santa Barbara?

Dr. Ed Keller, UCSB Geologist,  offers a free download of his fascinating new book:

“Santa Barbara - Land of Dynamic Beauty”