mesa village / A vision


The Mesa is a vital and thriving part of Santa Barbara, with a strong identity, clear physical boundaries, a variable south-facing topography and a unique micro-climate.  A diverse population of around 10,000 occupies an area of approximately 1,500 acres.  Cliff Drive and Meigs Road divide the Mesa into four primary neighborhoods, with a compact and diverse commercial center at their intersection.

Our comfortable, oceanfront district has the potential to become more coherent and integrated with a number of strategic improvements.  We believe that working together to define and achieve these improvements, we can make the Mesa a more self-sufficient, sustainable village while preserving its unique character.  By identifying and working toward common interests that benefit us all, such as improving parks and circulation, our sense of community will be enhanced.  By promoting local culture and business, our self-sufficiency will be increased.  By supporting public transportation, safe bicycle routes, walkability, and a healthy lifestyle and environment, our sustainability will be insured.

In these website sections on Neighborhoods, Commerce, Housing, Parks & Open Space, Public & Institutional, and Circulation we describe existing conditions and offer ideas and images to illustrate our vision for the future.  Other sections include specific recommendations for improving Cliff Drive, and the Details section offers some specific ideas and images in support of the general vision outlined in this section.

to CREATe community, self-sufficiency and sustainability on the santa barbara mesa ... & go from good to great